Bin It To Win It!

Spot Prizes & Guaranteed Jackpots, just by binning your litter!

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Bin It to Win It!

Take a picture with the app as you bin your litter for a chance to win spot prizes and guaranteed jackpots.


Invite your friends

Earn bonus entries into the jackpot draw by inviting your friends and family. If they end up winning the jackpot, you'll get a prize too!

What is LitterLotto?

LitterLotto® is a free to enter Prize Draw, with regular spot prizes and huge jackpots, supported by the brands that want a cleaner environment. To enter, simply use the app to take a picture of litter as you place it in the bin.
Each time you submit a new piece of litter it’s another chance to win!

LitterLotto is available globally, with different Jackpot levels wherever you are.

We’re not actually a lotto – we’re a free Prize Draw, and there’s no cost to enter, other than putting litter in the bin. You can even boost your chances of winning by inviting your contacts to download and start binning litter too.

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